JETNAS - Affordable RAID JBOD Storage Solution

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Storage Appliance
High Performance SAN/NAS Storage Server designed to fit your business needs
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Rich Enterprise Class Data Storage Features support Snapshots Replication
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SAN Manager
User friendly web based interface
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JETNAS provides a full range of data storage solutions to meet your business needs and to secure your critical data. Our JETNAS storage servers combine high density storage capacity and advanced redundancy, scalability, availability, and management functionality. These high performance data storage solutions are designed to perform in today’s sophisticated data center environments and mission critical applications.

JETNAS Storage Server

JETNAS is proud to present the affordable and powerful data storage solutions based on JETNAS Manager. JETNAS Storage Server provides file-based NAS and block-based SAN in a single framework. It is easy to manage with the web-based GUI. With the integrated Backup option and remote replication feature, the JETNAS Storage Server is ideal for cloud storage and disaster recovery.

SuperQuietTM Design

JETNAS’ unique SuperQuiet Tower storage (up to 24TB RAW) is ideal for a variety of environments that require low noise computing, such as hospitals, medical offices, dental offices, law firms, libraries, home theaters, and many more. This storage server delivers secure and high performance storage solution which eliminates the needs of data center.


JETNAS provides NAS, iSCSI SAN, FC SAN, NAS + iSCSI in different form factors from 1U to 4U rack-mounts and Towers. These servers are ideal for disk-based backup and restore, data consolidation, disaster recovery, and cloud storage. They are reliable, affordable and simple to operate.